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Funding: Grants from Foundations, Gov and More

All nonprofits need to be able to apply for grants. There are a few good sites that consolidate grant information and allow for searching to find the best potential sources for your charity.

Before jumping into the grant search process, make sure that all your promotional materials and “trade dress” are in top shape. Your web site, letter head, social media sites (and handles) all need to be organized and ready. Your vision and mission will be prominently available and key brochures/flyers creates. You will want to have a tight budget on specific projects you would like to get funding for. It is usually easier to get money for a specific project like expansion of our tutoring program into a new neighborhood. Look at the checklists and Self-Assessment in Hall & Hinkelman’s (2022) Nonprofit Planning book.

You want to make sure that you have a grant writer and an editor; and make sure they have the time now and over the following months to follow-up.

A couple good links that talk about the best grant software are:

Here are a short list of foundation/grant databases:

  1. for US government grants and RFPs.
  2. Candid’s Foundation Center: This is from the same folks that do the GuideStar assessment ratings and provide many tools for nonprofits. 

There are often databases or lists of local sources for grant funding. Also, there are many companies that have a philanthropic component (including B-Corps). Companies like Microsoft and Google offer nonprofits free (or discounted) tools and search Ads.

Remember that each grant typically has reporting requirements. It is important to achieve compliance in management of the grant and required reporting.

Expect each of these databases to cost money every month, so make sure you are ready to concentrate on grants when you sign up. You will need to learn how to make the sites work for you.

Couple videos on Fundraising:

Consider utilizing Generative AI (ChatGPT and/or Gemini) and become proficient with it to help with various aspects of the grant writing process including drafting and editing sections.

Happy Grant Writing.

Hall, E. B. & Hinkelman, R. M. (2022). Perpetual Innovation™: Strategic planning for nonprofits and the art of impactful giving: the gift of giving, the art of caring. ISBN: ‎ 979-8842614615  Retrieved from:

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