Charity/Nonprofit View

Nonprofit side of philanthropic ecosystem

Charities need to be well organized and Impactful.

Nonprofits (Charities) need to do the right amount of planning.
No plan is not a good plan. The right tools and rapid planning techniques will help. The Nonprofit Self-Assessment developed for the Hall/Hinkelman book on Nonprofit Planning is a useful tool for small charities to review their compliance and anticipate their ease of attracting donors, volunteers, and grants. This Self-Assessment – and the checklists associated with it – can be used each year to identify new initiatives that will advance the organization.
Additionally, the nonprofit needs to carefully consider what donors are looking for in selecting a charity to contribute money or invest their volunteer time.
Charities focus on one or more charitable causes. See Figure 7 from Hall & Hinkelman (2022).

Starting with a Nonprofit Self-Assessment

Appendix A has a self-assessment that a charity can review. The score is an indication of how “mature” the nonprofit is, and how easy it should be to solicit donors, volunteers and grant funding. The assessment will suggest areas to improve and the improvements should result in a higher self-assessment score over time.

There are two checklists as well in Appendix A that focus on setup (incorporation and tax-exempt initiation) as well as ongoing requirements (such as IRS informational filings).

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