Donor View

Donor side of philanthropic ecosystem

Donors can offer time, talent and treasure.

Donors can/should spend time in selecting the charitable causes to support (and the charities that serve the cause).

Individuals have three valuable things to contribute to a charitable cause: time, talent, and treasure. Volunteering time is probably the best testament about how dedicated an individual is to a cause (to deliver food, clean buildings, give tours, etc.). But a special version of volunteering is to contribute some specialized talent (accounting, legal, coaching, teaching, etc.). When a charity can get talented people to volunteer professional services like CPA, legal, and web development, the money saved can go directly to the programs and services of the cause. The contributions by volunteers will also improve the metrics that can be presented to potential donors. This book can be adapted by people with management and planning skills to act as consultants for the charities they strongly want to champion.

And lastly, of course, is to donate treasure: money, building or property to a cause. Sometimes contributing the right thing at the right time is exceptionally valuable to a charity. Examples are vehicles and busses for transportation and delivery, a venue for an event.

Ways to support a charitable cause:

– Time. Simple volunteering. Helping to run the organization or events.
– Talent. Providing advise and expertise.
– Treasure. Donations of money, assets, etc.

** DONOR VIEW ** Philanthropic Ecosystem

The donor view of the charity life-cycle is addressed in Hall/Hinkelman Nonprofit book related to the “Gift of Impactful Giving” addressed in Chapters 3 and 5. Donors are essentially the investors (time and money) for charities so they are a critically important part of the philanthropic ecosystem. Chapter 3 starts with the review process for larger charities that are rated by Assessment organizations like Charity Watch and Charity Navigator. Chapter 5 goes into a more detailed analysis to determine impactfulness and how selected charities match with the donor’s own interests and priorities.

Hall, E. B. & Hinkelman, R. M. (2022). Perpetual Innovation™: Strategic planning for nonprofits and the art of impactful giving: the gift of giving, the art of caring. ISBN: ‎ 979-8842614615 Retrieved from: (Available on Kindle eBook as well.)