Elmer Hall is the President of Strategic Planning Company and the co-author with Robert Hinkelman of books on Strategic Planning an Patent Commercialization. We found that many nonprofits, especially small charities, were often not well organized, and they could benefit from simple planning and organization tools that we have developed and perfected for businesses. We decided to develop a book of simple planning tools for charities. Here is the resulting book:

Perpetual Innovation: Strategic Planning for Nonprofits and the Art of Impactful Giving: The Gift of Giving, the Art of Caring. by Dr Elmer B Hall (Author), Robert M Hinkelman (Author) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B7Q1J4G6

ISBN: 979-8842614615 Amazon ASIN: B0B7Q1J4G6

[Additionally, look for the workbook for service clubs: https://nonprofitplan.org/club-view/ ]

We belief that charities are a crucial part of the fabric of humanity.  They pick up where government services leave off. We want the best causes to be well addressed, and the charities engaged in meeting those causes to be very successful.

Nonprofit looks at the Philanthropic Ecosystem from the charity to the donors/volunteers to the actual cause.  The focus is on efficient and effective planning for charities, but it also takes the view of Donors (and Volunteers) to shows how to evaluate large NGOs and small charities. How well the charity is doing can be determined by the compliance checklists and the Nonprofit Self-Assessment that is central to the book.

Addressing charitable causes takes a partnership among charities, donors, volunteers, and charitable foundations. A charity’s mission, objectives and goals need to be tightly tied to the cause and the constituents (clients).

This book suggests the best tools and timeline for planning.  The Self-Assessment provides a gauge of the charity’s maturity and ease of attracting money/volunteers. Nonprofit offers tools to build continuous improvement in impact and the ability to demonstrate impactfulness now and into the future.

Nonprofit Planning is a visual with more than 70 figures to summarize concepts including: business plan templates for small businesses and charities, marketing plan, financing plan, planning timelines, rapid planning ideas (including Lean Canvas), brand building, a discussion of several Total Quality Management tools (plan-do-check-act, charts, Pareto 80-20 rule, voice of the “customer”), and root cause analysis. This book uses several example charities and applies them to tools presented, especially the Mission Game, the OrgChart Game, Lean Canvas, cause-and-effect, and voice of the customer.

We hope this book inspires Perpetual Innovation for charities and inspires donors/volunteers. 

The gift of giving, the art of caring(tm)

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