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  • Funding: Grants from Foundations, Gov and More

    Funding: Grants from Foundations, Gov and More

    All nonprofits need to be able to apply for grants. There are a few good sites that consolidate grant information and allow for searching to find the best potential sources for your charity. Before jumping into the grant search process, make sure that all your promotional materials and “trade dress” are in top shape. Your…

  • Perpetual Innovation™: Club Management Workbook (Pi-C)

    Perpetual Innovation™: Club Management Workbook (Pi-C)

    Wouldn’t it be nice if service clubs had a simple set of tools that they could use for more efficient management – easy to use questionnaires for the board and members that will provide a benchmark and help identify initiatives that will advance the club each year. The new book is Perpetual Innovation™: Club Management…

  • Nonprofit Plan

    Nonprofit Plan

    Nonprofit Plan is about improving the philanthropic ecosystem, trying to make charities more efficient and successful while encouraging donors to become more impactful with their giving (time, talent & treasure). This concept and the upcoming blog ( is inspired by a book by Hall & Hinkelman of Strategic Business Planning Company. The Gift of Giving,…

  • Nonprofits: Charity View

    Nonprofits: Charity View

    Charities need to be well organized in order to fulfill their missions. At the very minimum, they need to complete their tax exempt requirements. Achieving best practices helps the charity with funding, volunteers and grants.