Club View

The Club Management Workbook is a simplified set of tools for service clubs to internally manage their club and improve their impact within the community. This workbook builds on the Perpetual Innovation book for Nonprofit Planning and Impactful Donor Giving, but simplifies for easy utilization for service clubs and fraternal membership orders.
The workbook starts — and ends — with a Service Club Self-Assessment which would be administered to the board along with a Membership Survey. Based on the results of the assessment, the club could launch initiatives for improvement.
Clubs usually have fundraisers in which they (re)give money to other charities. A reviewing process for charities and events provides the club with excellent tools to identify the best causes and the best charities to support within those causes.
The Pi-Club Workbook is customizable and offers suggestions for a club to build planning and standard operating procedures.

Hall, E. B. (2023). Perpetual Innovation™: Club management workbook focusing on the most impactful giving. ISBN: 979-8859024810 ASIN: B0CGXHB31Y