Nonprofits: Charity View

Nonprofit Plan is about improving the philanthropic ecosystem. The book by Hall & Hinkelman (2022) of Strategic Business Planning Company takes the holistic view: both from the charity’s point of view and from the donor’s. See Fig 17 from the book.

The book starts with a charity Self-Assessment. A lower score would indicate a startup charity or one that is not well organized. Higher scores are representative of more mature and well organized charities that are in a good position to solicit donations (and grants) and to attract volunteers. Here’s a the summary diagram for a charity that is well into the green zone (score of 72.2).

The self-assessment suggests areas for improvement. Improvement initiatives throughout the year would reflect in a higher score at the end of the year. The H&H book on Nonprofit Planning starts and ends with this self-assessment.

Although the self-assessment is an internal management tool, the general format is useful for a donor or volunteer to consider in charity selection.

The Gift of Giving, the Art of Caring(tm)

Hall, E. B. & Hinkelman, R. M. (2022). Perpetual Innovation™: Strategic planning for nonprofits and the art of impactful giving: the gift of giving, the art of caring. ISBN: ‎ 979-8842614615

Retrieved from: (Available on Kindle eBook as well.)



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